Work Experience

Work Experience


RWUA is an emerging non-governmental organization working in the sector of poverty reduction, mainstreaming disability, sustainable agriculture, disaster preparedness, public health and Sanitation (Wash), social mobilization and women empowerment, gender skill development child education, promotion of good governance, dissemination of information on health and education. Being a district oriented local community organization; RWUA is involved in the improvement of local service system and strengthen local governance. It is conducting seminar, group discussion and participatory discuss on various cross-cutting issues like HIV/AIDS, mainstreaming disability, gender & caste discrimination, peace building & conflict resolution and social inclusion of all region, religion, class, ethnic group, sex and profession. Few years RWUA worked in small scale utilizing its own local sources and only after 2053 B.S. it has become able to join hands with donor agencies and partners. The major activities of firm are presented below in the table:

Organization’s Experiences:

S. N. Fiscal Year Programs Targeted People Support Organization  Budget  Working Area (VDC)
1 2056 to 2062 Gender Skill Development Poor Dalit Women CNGO 800000/- Haripur, Janakinagar, Karmaiya including other 50 VDC
2 2057 to 2069 Social Mobilization and Women Empowerment Poor women of dalit and ethnic communities World Neighbor 3773079/- Haripur, Laxmipur, Janakinagar, Ghurkauli, Netragunj
3 2057 to 2069 Reproductive Health Women/ adults World Neighbor 5350000/- Haripur, Laxmipur, Janakinagar, Pidari
Farahdawa, Ghurkauli, Netragunj, Jabdi
4 2058 to till date Saving & Cooperative Poor people Local Fund of RWUA 550000/- Haripur, Laxmipur, Janakinagar, Pidari
Farahdawa, Ghurkauli, Netragunj, Jabdi, Bela
5 2059 to 2070 Dalit and Child Education Children/Dalit  WN/ DEO 250000/- Haripur, Janakinagr, Pidari
6 2060 to 2065 Village Development Program Poor Women/Dalit/Ethnic Communities DDC/ LDF 430000/- Bhaktipur, Naukelwa, Khutauna and Manpur
7 2061 to 2069 Sustainable Agriculture Farmers  World Neighbor 174000/- Haripur, Janakinagar, Netragunj
8 2063 to 2070 Disable Rehabilitation/ Mainstreaming Disability  Disabled People H.I. 3082822/- Haripur, Laxmipur, Janakinagar, Farahdawa, Ghurkauli, Netragunj, Jabdi, Pidari
9 2063 to 2073 Poverty Alleviation  Poor Communities Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) 18311184/- Sisaut, Shekhauna, Shankarpur, NetragunjLaxmipur, Janakinagar, Farahdawa
10 2063 – 2065 Disaster/Public Health and Sanitation (Wash), Flood Affected and Poor people Oxfam/ Recid/Uncife 1077000/- 10 VDC in Sarlahi District 
11 2063 – 2064 Women Headed Social Reformation Women, Poor, Dalit CCGRO 1700000/- Karmaiya, Jankinagar, Haripur
12 2010 – 2011 AD DIPECHO – V Flood Affected and Poor people and Disability People   HI/EUROPEAN COMMISSION 240000/- Haripur Jankinagar
13 2010 – 2017 AD LGCDP Women, Poor, Dalit LDF/ DDC 3452489/- Barahathwa, Hajariya, Rajghat, Shankarpur, Karmaiya, Dhungrekhola, Hariwon and Ishworpur Municipality 
14 2010 – 2011 AD Santiko lagi jibikoparjan  VEED groups/ IGA UNDP/ LRP 1963661/- 33 VDC in Northern part of Sarlahi District
15 2013 AD to 2018 Safer Migration Program Migration People Helvetas 425791117/- 20 VDC in Sarlahi District
16 2070 B.S. to 2072 WASH Program District people UN-HABITAT/STAND NEPAL 8046118/- 31VDCs and 4 Municipality of Sarlahi district
17 2012 AD to 2016 MEDEP Enterprise  MEDEP Nepal 13546829/- 7 VDC in Ramechap and 7 VDC Nabalparashi District 
18 2069 to 2070 LGAF Local Stakeholder  LGAF 650000/- 3 Vdc Murtiya, Lalbandi, Sishwot
19 2074 to till date Samunnati Program Children, poor women of dalit and ethnic communities Save the Children 9707233.36/- Ishworpur Municipality

Relevant Services Carried Out in the Last Five Years That Best Illustrate Qualifications 

Assignment Name: Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) Country: Nepal
Location within Country:  Sisaut, Sekhauna, Farahadba, Laxmipur, Jankinagar, Netragunj, SankarpurVDCs. Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP /Entity(profiles): Anil Baral PC, DiwakarJhasupervisor/accountant, 
Name of Client: Address: PAF 5 person SM
Start Date (Month/Year):01/01/ 2063 Completion Date (Month/Year) 2073-03-31 Approx. Value of Services NRs. 18311184.00
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

The following activities have been undertaken under PAF:

  • Formation of groups from marginalized households,
  • leadership and account keeping training,
  • Support to organize meetings and keeping minutes,
  • Support for the group to undertake a saving and credit scheme,
  • skilled based training,
  • (Resources support for self-employment) Financial assistance (10,000-40,000) for income generating activities. ,
  • Provide technical backstopping to operate their small business,
Assignment Name: Research of Child Eye Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Pidari, Farahadba, LaxmipurVDCs. Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP /Entity(profiles): Puspa Chaudhary, Radhika B.K.
Name of Client: Address: Tilganga Eye Pratisthan, KTM No. of Staff: 2 person ANM
Start Date (Month/Year):01/03/ 2011 Completion Date (Month/Year):2072-03-31 Approx. Value of Services NRs.250000.00/Yrs.
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

  • To examine eye of children under 11 yrs old.
  • Surveyed eye diseases in each house-hold.
  • Research done by TilgangaPratishthan’s eye’s specialist.
Assignment Name: WASH  Project/ODF Campaign Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Location within Country: Bhaktipur, Haripur, Gaurisankar,Jabdi, Laxmipur, Ranigunj, Kisanpur, Mohanpur, Chandranagar, Dhankaul, Bashantpur, Narayanpur, Netragunj,Bela, Farhadba, Kabilashi, Nokailba, Haripurba, Salempur, Brahamapuri, Parsa, Jingadba, Sangrampur,Babargunj,Belhi, Tribhuwannagar, Gamhariya, Khutauna,Balara, Llbandi(municipality) , Ishworpur(municipality), Malangba(municipality) Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP /Entity (profiles): Bimal Sharma team-leader(part-time), Madan Barma PC-1, BhagyeNarayaanJha PC-2.
Name of Client: Address: GSF/UN Habitat No. of Staff: 37
Start Date (Month/Year):01/01/ 2071 B.S Completion Date (Month/Year): 2073-03-31 Approx. Value of Services NRs.8086118.00
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

  • This project is currently working for making environment clean by raising sanitation awareness to the people of village with an agenda of one house, one toilet.
  • Co-ordination and linkage with local stakeholders.
  • Survey of program launched by VDCs related to toilet and sanitation.
  • D-WASH-CC, V-WASH-CC, M-WASH-CC and W-WASH-CC formation and reformation.
  • Holding meetings and orientation with WASH committee.
  • Conducting conference with VDCs and Municipalities.
  • Organizing Wall painting and keeping hording board near public places.
  • Organizing teachers training and orientation program and formation of child club.
  • Conducting cultural program, video show and drama related sanitation awareness.
  • Organizing rally program to raise awareness about sanitation.
  • Organizing meeting with media’s and involving media’s to raise sanitation awareness through jingles, newspapers.
  • Providing training to the sanitation products mechanics.
  • Providing training to the financial agencies and co-operative leaders related to sanitation.
  • Monitoring and review of implemented program.
  •  Carrying out ODF Campaign.
  • Six VDCODF Declaration. 
Assignment Name: Nepal integrated development program Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Jankinagar, Haripur, Laxmipur, Ghorkauli, NetragunjVDCs. Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP /Entity(profiles): Madan Barma PC, Puspa Chaudhry ANM, Bindu Hamal, ANM, Radhika B.KANM
Name of Client: Address: World Neighbor No. of Staff: 7
Start Date (Month/Year):01/02/ 2057 Completion Date (Month/Year): 15/03/ 2069 Approx. Value of Services NRs. 9297079.00
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:
The NGO implemented the program in 5 VDCs. Following activities were carried out:

  • Formed agro-forestry based income generation groups,
  • Imparted capacity enhancement trainings viz. leadership, account keeping, governance and office management
  • Provided micro-finance training with regular technical backstopping by social mobilizer.
  • Provided reproductive health-services to the women group members
  • Provided support to organize meetings and record keeping.  
  • Provided agro-forestry based income generation training as demanded by the groups,
  • Provided enterprise development training to seek market of the products,
  • Establishment of community school for the education of marginalized children in Hattisar, Haripur since 2059. Establishment of basic infrastructure, furnishing and toilet construction along with the awareness raising among parents, teachers training and class management. 
  •  Handing over school to the community with permission from District Education Office in 2065 for the sustainable operation.   
  • Operation of 4 child Development Sector  in coordination with the District Education Office from 2058 at Haripur and Pidari VDC of Sarlahi.
Assignment Name: Micro-enterprise development for poverty reduction Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Ramechhap district (Bethan, Khanyapani, Saipu, Saalu, Bhuji, Dura gau, BijulikottVDCs), Nawalparasi district (Ratnanagar, Amrott, Jamuniya, Arghyauli, Rampurwa, VDCs) Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP /Entity(profiles): Arjun Kafle PC, ChudamaniAdhikari PC, 
Name of Client: Address: MEDEP No. of Staff: 9 SM
Start Date (Month/Year): 2069 Completion Date (Month/Year): 2073  Approx. Value of Services NRs. 13546829.00
Assignment Name: Local Governance Accountability Fund (LGAF) Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Murtiya, Lalbandi, SisautVDCs and municipality Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP /Entity(profiles): Anil Baral, SwastiChalise, DiwakarJhaa
Name of Client: Address: LGAF No. of Staff: 3
Start Date (Month/Year): March 2013 Completion Date (Month/Year): July 2013 Approx. Value of Services NRs.600000.00
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:

  • Conducted orientation program to the district-level stakeholders.
  • Conducted meeting with members of targeted VDCs
  • Monitoring and evaluating of construction work done by VDC and DDC.
  • Monitoring of work process and documentation related to construction work.
  • Organized meeting with committee members, political members and local stakeholders related to the completion of construction project work.
  • Organized VDCs level of public-hearing.
  • Review, reporting and documentation of work done in each VDCs.
Assignment Name: Local Governance and community Development Programme Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Hariwon, Karmahiya,DhugreKhola,Rajghat, Sankarour, Barhathba, HajariyaVDCs Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP /Entity(profiles): Madan Barma
Name of Client: Address: DDC/LGCDP No. of Staff: 7
Start Date (Month/Year): Aug 01, 2009 Completion Date (Month/Year): July 15, 2012 Approx. Value of Services NRs.3452489.00
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:
The LGCDP was started in Sarlahi since 2009 with the aim to improve local governance for effective service delivery and citizen empowerment. Social mobilization has been one of the major components of LGCDP to empower the local communities. The NGO have successfully implemented the activities and the  activities carried out is mentioned below:

  • Provided comprehensive social mobilization training and refresher training to social mobilizers and VDC level stakeholders,
  • Provided technical backstopping to Social Mobilizers through on-site coaching, mentoring and regular meetings and Communication,
  • Conducted institutional and organizational mapping exercises to understand the number, areas of activity, roles, reach and effectiveness in geographical working areas,
  • Undertook intensive social mobilization activities to establish ward citizen forum (WCF)  in each program VDC,
  • Provided support to establish Citizen Awareness center(CAC) in each programmeVDC,
  • Included left out community in the process of planning, implementing and decision-making of VDCs by ensuring their representation,
  • Enhanced the capacities of citizens especially of poor and excluded to increase their voice and choices in decision making and resource allocation,
  • Considered Gender and social inclusion involving marginalized group viz. dalit, Janajati, socially excluded, poor and women in all aspect of  programme implementation,
  • Provided technical support in regularizing saving and credit management by linking them with appropriate financial institutions,
  • Organized various capacity enhancement programme to develop the capacity of marginalized group, women, dalit and Janajati  and other village level stakeholders,
  • Provided support to develop Leadership of the local community especially of  the disadvantaged people,
  • Supported Community Organization to develop work plan and implementing it,
  • Supported in developing awareness and capacity in effective delivery of public goods and services,
  • Provided feedback and suggestions to local bodies,
  • Paid particular attention to involving elites by helping them to become better oriented towards DAGs and making them into ‘champions of the poor’
  • Undertook participatory monitoring mobilizing the group, 
  • Submitted progress report on monthly basis.
  • Establishment of child club and child networking, facilitation for the allocation of budget for children and planning activities.
  • Child representation at the municipal and VDC level meetings.
  • Capacity building of the children club.
  • Door to door campaign for the access to education for every child.
Assignment Name: Income Generating Activities Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Murtiya, Laukat, Barahathba, Maanpur, SundarpurChauharba, Hajariya, Raajghat, Sankarpur, Jankinagar, Pipariya, Farhadba, Bella, Laxmipur,Pidaari,Haripur,Ghorkauli, Netragunj, Hariwon,Atarauli, Sasaapur, Patharkott, Lalbandi, Jabdi, Ishworpur, Bhaktipur, Klinjor,Parwaanipur,Ranigunj, Gaurisankar, shreepur,DhungreKholaVDCs Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP/Entity(profiles): DharmaraajSubedi PC, Rashnarayan Chaudhary A/C officer
Name of Client: Address: LRP/UNDP No. of Staff: 9
Start Date (Month/Year): Aug, 2010  Completion Date (Month/Year): July 2011 Approx. Value of Services NRs. 1963661.00
Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:
Livelihood Recovery and peace process was implemented in 31 VDCs of the district. The project worked in Livelihood improvement to the marginalized groups. 

  • Formation of marginalized group.
  • Provided skills development training.
  • Supported the beneficiary with required equipment,
  • Provided regular technical backstopping,
  • Preparation of business plan,
  • Rs. 10,000 to 15,000 was provided to each member of the group to operate small income generating activities to which they have been capacities.
  • Review, reporting and documentation of work done in each group.
Name of Client: Address:  HI
Assignment Name: Rehabilitation of disabled in disaster management
Completion Date : 2059 to 2066
Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Pidari, Farhadwa, Haripur, Netragunj, Jankinagar, JabdiVDCs Professional Staff Provided by Your LSP /Entity(profiles): Radhika Adhikari, Anita Upreti, PadamDulal, Usha Chaudhary
Campaign to admit disable children of school going age in the local school.
Facilitation for the awareness on disability and making disable card to the parents 
Name of Client: Address: SAMI/HELVETAS No. of Staff: 18
Start Date (Month/Year): 2063 Completion Date (Month/Year): 2070 Approx. Value of Services NRs. 3082822.00
  • Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff:
  • The objective of the program is to disseminate the information related to safe and productive foreign employment to the migrant workers and their families inside and outside the valley. 
  • Conducted various community outreach programme to educate and aware the local people about productive foreign migration,
  • Aware the local people about possible challenges in the overseas and the ways to handle the situation,
  • Aware the families of the overseas workers about key stakeholders and the policies,
  • Educate the people from pre-departure to return i.e. reintegration process
  • Carried out programme to eradicate inadequacies to foster the life of migrant workers.
  • Support for the health, education and livelihood of the children during problems at the course of foreign employment
  • Trauma healing and justice for the conflict victim

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