Objectives & Mission

Objectives & Mission

Organization Objectives

Specific Objective:

  • To create socio-economically inclusive and integrated modal community especially in the direct involvement of rural women, disable poor, ethnic minorities and Dalit by utilizing both local and global resources.

General Objectives:

  • To work with and empower the most disadvantaged and deprived group of people (Women, Dalit, Ethnic/Indigenous, and Landless) to bring them in mainstream and provide equal participation in all governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  • Establish reintegration, reconstruction and resettlement of conflict affected people and strengthen their livelihood by forming self-help groups, learning centers, construction of community/public buildings, roads, small irrigation schemes and communication centers.
  • To implement income generate activities in support of poverty alleviation. Increase in agricultural income and promotion of cash-crops, vegetable, herbs, agro-forestry, improved farming system, and soil and pest management. Improve fodder and pasture and veterinary services and other on and off-farm activities.
  • Proper utilization of local resources, local manpower and establish market linkages and networking to sell their products.
  • To establish self-reliant and self-governing local level organizations and create their relation with inter/national, governmental and non-governmental level. Encourage community organizations to support VDCs to observe transparency, equal participation and democratic activities.
  • To provide informal education for children, adults, women, dalits and ethnic minorities. Provide awareness program about first aid, pure drinking water, sanitation, family planning, HIV/AIDS and other health related activities in coordination with governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • To promote a concept of a forestation, conservation of environment, bio-diversity and cultural and religious heritages. Maximize the use of perpetual energy such as solar system and other alternative improved systems such as improved oven, water mill and small hydroelectricity which help to stop deforestation.

The main vision of this organization is the elimination of poverty and creates awareness among the poverty stricken and the down trodden communities to establish a sustainable development to bring about self -sufficiency and fulfill the basic necessitates which ultimately create a legitimate society.


  • To act for the empowerment and rights of the backward community by strengthening their organizational level.
  • To act as a facilitator by implementing community based process method to enable the community to advance by self-learning and experience.

Norms & Values:

Basic norms and values of the organization are as follows:

  • To respect the individual identity of man & women, children, disable people, caste & ethnic minorities of the multicultural societies.
  • Believe in transparency of all activities.
  • Always remain out form political affiliations.
  • All the activities shall remain gender sensitive.
  • To prioritize the equal participation of all sectors.
  • Believe in Social Justice.
  • Believe in peace and development.