Safer Migration Project/RWUA
Safer Migration Project started from august, 2012, financial and technically supported by SaMi/Helvetas Swiss interoperation Nepal. Its Main Objective is “To build up Capacity of Potential migrant worker for taking right decision by giving accurate and clear message related to Foreign Employment. The Northern VDCs of Sarlahi district is the working area of Safer Migration Project by RWUA. There are mainly ten VDC are selected as targeted VDC. They are: Lalbandi, Karmaiya, Hariwan, Barhathawa, Rajghat, Dhunrekhola, Hajariya, Netraganj, Haripur and laxmipur.

Migration to Gulf countries and Malaysia for Foreign Employment by willing to get better opportunities is a common phenomenon for Nepali worker in now years. The National Living Standard Survey III reports that about 56% of all households in Nepal receive remittances from migrant workers and that remittance has been recognized as one of the major factors for contributing to poverty reduction and it share one-fourth of the national GDP in 2010.

IC Services

Secure Immigration Information and Counseling Center SARLAHI

This information center for foreign employment to encourage or discourage without the need to
Provide information to support decision will with the knowledgeable.
Foreign Employment issues of safety information will be available free of charge services:
Secure as far as required for foreign employees to provide the following information.

  1. The names of the countries for foreign employment.
  2. Open government countries list.
  3. Manpower and agents licensed by the Government of Nepal list.
  4. Government of Nepal listed health institutions, insurance organizations, training institutions and roll orientation.
  5. Prohibit insurance, health testing may prohibit, signed a contract to pay attention to things when choosing when and manpower company.
  6. Important information about the major destination countries such as language, religion, culture, lifestyle, and to be and not to be dealing more.
  7. Foreign employment during the fraud / forgery necessary information about complaint procedures.
  8. Nepalese Embassy, Consulate, migrant Nepali organizations / institutions, labour Attaches to provide information and contact numbers
  9. Disappeared and imprisoned Nepali migrant workers related to the embassy and find out the status of the EU / institutions through the necessary support.
  10. Fraud / forgery on the issues related to the legal treatment for organizations to send assistance for.
  11. Death and injuries of workers in the case of Foreign Employment Promotion Board compensation related organizations to send wheels.
  12. Foreign employees motivated to go only to legal provisions Archiving and free skills training for the organization to send.
  13. Foreign job deformities caused by society culture, are all low / Minimization to provide psycho-social counselling services.

Are we going to work abroad ?? if it is so then we must know these things.
के तपाइ कामका लागि विदेश नै जाने हुनुभयो ? जाने नै हो भने……..

  • को मार्फत जादै हुनुहुन्छ ? केही थाहा छ ? एजेण्ट वा म्यानपावर कम्पनी इजाजत पत्र प्राप्त हो होइन केही थाहा छ ?
  • कुन देश जादै हुनुहुन्छ थाहा छ ? त्यस देशको भाषा धर्म , रहनसहन आदिका बारेमा तपाईलाई केही जानकारी छ ?
  • तपाई संग विदेशमा काम गर्ने केही सीप छ ? नि:शुल्क सीप तालिमको बारेमा केही थाहा छ ?
  • स्वास्थ्य परिक्षण, विमा र श्रम स्वीकृतिको बारेमा केही जानकारी ?
  • विदेशमा समस्यामा परेमा के गर्ने केही थाहा छ ?
  • वैदेशिक रोजगारका क्रममा ठगी वा जालसाजीमा परेमा के गर्ने, केही सोच्नु भएको छ ?

Through Information Center from(सूचना केन्द्रमा आउने माध्यम)

Referred by / Referral means No of visitors
DAO/MRP centers (is making passport) 5141
Social mobilisers (LGCDP, PAF,SM of Rwua) 287
Media 414
Mass awareness ( mobile campaign & culture) 690
Returnee Volunteers 304
ICC staff 303
Friends/neigbours 314
Teacher and student 163
Media partner 12
Others project 236
Total 7864
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Old Phone Isolated 046-530664


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