Vacancy Announcement – Project Coordinator/Field Supervisor

Published date: 05 August 2022

Rural Women Upliftment Association (RWUA) was established on 22 Kartik, 2050 B.S. at Sarlahi District of Province 2, Nepal. It is a non-governmental and non-profit social organization and is a well-established and prominent organization that works as a change agent in the area of women empowerment and community development in the Sarlahi district. The long-term experiences in the area of community development and women’s Upliftment has made the organization easy to organize the community for positive changes over their own since last 28 years. This is women headed organization and the majority of executive members are women. It works with a mission to improve the lives of people through economic, social, cultural and physical transformation. It has been implementing several projects in Sarlahi District in the partnership.

RWUA invites applications from interested qualified and eligible candidates (Nepali citizens only) that are reliable, accountable, and have the ability to deliver results with the highest level of integrity for the following positions under those projects in the Sarlahi district.

Project: SIDA-funded Civil Society Organization Strengthening Program 2022-26 

Position:  Project Coordinator-1

Work Station: Sarlahi District

Project Overview: SIDA CSO 2022-2026 program; the goal of contributing to a strong civil society that demands and supports the fulfillment of children’s rights-holding states to account and mobilizing and empowering children and their communities. Towards this goal, the program will work in four areas 1) civil society strengthening, 2) children’s agency, 3) child rights and 4) civic space.

Key Responsibility of the position:

1. Program Planning and Implementation

Overall Project management and quality delivery

  • Ensure timely planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting of project activities.
  • Manage day-to-day operation and project activities in coordination with the board, senior management team, Finance, and MEAL team.
  • Ensure safeguarding of children, vulnerable groups (including people with disabilities), and those at-risk during planning, implementation, and monitoring of program activities.
  • Coordinate with governments, NGO/INGOs and other stakeholders as appropriate to ensure optimum collaboration in maximizing the project result.
  • Manage relationships and communication with consortium members including Save the Children.
  • Organize in carrying out dialogues and workshops to promote CSO capacity and civic space.
  • Establish partnerships with Province and Local Governments, UN agencies, I/NGOs, CBOs, media, and other stakeholders for effective advocacy on the issues of children, adolescents, and youth.

Organizational Development 

  • Facilitate the organization to conduct an organizational capacity assessment (OCA) to identify the gaps and needs of organizational development (OD) and support to develop and implement the organizational capacity development plan.
  • Lead to design, development, and implementation of programs, policies, and strategies to meet organizational development needs and program goals.
  • Execute tools, techniques, and methodologies to monitor and review organizational capacity development plans in coordination with the senior management team and executive board.
  • Lead to organize various capacity-building pieces of training for the senior management team, particularly on GESI, climate change and resilience, child rights programming, child programming, and conflict sensitivity.

Child-led Advocacy and Lobby

  • Facilitate children to form their network at the local and district level and capacitate them to promote meaningful participation.
  • Lead to apply all nine basic requirements of meaningful child participation while engaging with children and the child club network.
  • Organize capacity-building initiatives to strengthen children’s agency and support them in carrying out child led initiatives to influence the decision-making process at local, district, and province levels.
  • Facilitate child club network in organizing child-led initiatives against the issues affecting them at local, district, and provincial levels.

Strengthening Province and Local Network and Alliances of CSOs

  • Lead capacity-building initiatives of CSO’s networks/alliance at the district and local levels on tools and process of evidence-based advocacy.
  • Lead to facilitate in forming/re-forming/mobilization of district & local level network/alliances.
  • Facilitate CSOs to have a platform to exchange their progress, learnings, and challenges.

2. Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and Documentation

  • Monitor the ongoing project intervention with proper monitoring tools.
  • Ensure all the project interventions are implemented in accordance to the minimum quality benchmark.
  • Support team in best utilize the provided digital platforms to input correct data and regular review and analysis of the data and information.
  • Lead the team to maintain integrity in data/information management & submit in a timely manner.
  • Produce quality progress reports & documents capturing program learnings and good practices.
  • Ensure innovative approaches, good practices, challenges, and achievements are documented.

3. Representation, Coordination/Networking, and Collaboration

  • Represent the organization/project at local, district, and province levels.
  • Coordinate, collaborate, and information sharing with the province and local governments, UN agencies, I/NGOs, media, civil Societies, and community-based organizations.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with province & local governments, and other stakeholders.
  • Serve as a key focal point for program-related issues/problems atthe province and district level and seek support from the Program Director, Advocacy Manager, District Coordinator, and project team forthe other projects as required.

4. Supervisory Responsibility:

  • Supervise/Assist District Coordinators, Cluster Head, Finance and Admin Coordinator-Province, Program/Project Focal Person, and entire project team members of Karnali Province

5. Reporting and Communication:

  • Produce and share monthly/Quarterly/Annual reports to Program Director and Save the Children.
  • Ensure financial report is prepared timely & accurately and shared with Save the Children.
  • Maintain proper communication within the team for functional communication.

Inspection and surrounding bounds of duties:

  • Other technical partners of SIDA-funded program implementer will provide best means, materials and pleasant environment to support the accomplishment of your job entity.
  • The attainment achieved by this post will be supervised by the Line Managers.

Performance Indicator:

  • Timely execution of the activities assigned for the SIDA Program.
  • Proper implementation and management of the program with quality results.
  • Effective Coordination and collaboration with multi-stakeholders.

Proposal Writing and Development:

  • Support in developing the Proposal writing.
  • Engaging team for proposal writing and developing.

Minimum required academic qualification and experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health/ Social work/Development Studies/Law/Management/Social Science/International Relationship with 5 years of working experience in managing multiple projects with a diverse team, (or)  
  • Master’s degree in Public Health /Social work/Development Studies/Law/Management/Social Science/International relationships with 2 years of working experience in managing multiple projects with a diverse team.
  • Writing and speaking proficiency in both English and Nepali language.
  • Ability to work with MS-Office packages (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Ability & experience to provide training to CSOs on process & tools of evidence-based advocacy.
  • Experience to lead Organization Development (OD) process, tools, and management skills.
  • Capacity to work with children ina child-friendly manner.
  • Proven ability to manage risks and promote governance to contribute to strategic outcomes.
  • Working Experience with Province, Local government, and concerned stakeholders.

Position:  Field Supervisor-1

Work Station: Sarlahi District

Position Summary:

Under direct supervision of the Project Coordinator, s/he will be responsible to implement SIDA CSO 2022-2026Project as per the Activity guideline and Quality Bench Mark and prepare reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports), and documenting best practices. They are responsible to work with ward offices very closely to strengthen the Child rights/ child advocacy on child agencies, Civic space, and CSO capacity strengthening in the children’s community.

Key Responsibility:

Coordinate Ward Officer, Health Posts, schools (as per need), child club (as per need), mother groups, and other groups

  • Sumakingt building and make strong relationships with targeted communities
  • Support the survey team and MEAL team for survey and assessment or any type of data collection in the field
  • Support ward offices and municipality to implement social protection eligibility mapping, birth registration camp, disability camp, growth monitoring camp, parenting sessions at field level
  • Coach, mentor and monitor the work of parenting program facilitators
  • Prepare month plan and report and submit to Project Coordinator
  • Attend monthly meetings and share progress and challenges faced in the field,
  • Support ward offices to conduct a public hearing on social protection
  • Support ward office to form grievance handling mechanism
  • Support Project Coordinator as per need

Required Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Rural Development, Sociology, or any other discipline with a minimum of 2 years of work experience in community development projects worked in GO or NGO
  • Having knowledge about social protection and community mobilization
  • Able to organize and facilitate training/orientation, and meetings with community people especially children clubs, children agencies, child advocacy and Children capacity strengthening and people with disability in the field.
  • Able to develop monthly and quarterly plans, execute, and monitor.
  • Having minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in community mobilization.
  • Commanding in Nepali language and able to a prepare report
  • Command inthe local language will be preferred.
  • Computer knowledge (word, excel, PowerPoint,) and strong email internet will add value.
  • Willing to spend 90% fieldwork and willing to work with children.
  • A valid driving license along with a personal bike/scooter.
  • Able to coordinate with local level and district level government structures like the Ward office, and WCRC, health facility, for effective technical support, coordination, and program Implementation.
  • Well respectful and committed to being a part of Child safeguarding and zero tolerance on fraud, bribery, and corruption.

Project: Child Sensitive Social Protection (PAUNCH) Project

Position: Project Coordinator-1

Work Station: Sarlahi District

Position Summary:

The Project Coordinator (PC) is the leading position of Pahunch Program in Rural Women Upliftment Association and is responsible for managing overall Pahunch programming that includes social protection policies and programmes that are child-sensitive and result in improved development outcomes for children. To achieve this the project engages with all levels of government while emphasis is placed at the municipal level as this is where social protection activities are anchored and opportunities to influence are multiple. The experiences and learning from past years suggest that the best way to achieve the above is by working around three areas. They are strengthened the social protection system to ensure that all eligible people, especially children and people with disabilities, secure their entitlements in the project area. Parenting Program as the Child Grant (CG) Plus initiative is effectively implemented by local governments in technical support of RWUA. The policy environment for inclusive and child-sensitive social protection is strengthened. And also able to prepare and compile reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports) and document best practices. S/he is also responsible for monitoring, capacity building, and reporting in the assigned sector.

The PC is also responsible to oversee the administration of the Pahunch Program under the direct supervision of the ED/Chairperson. S/He will be accountable for extending the coordination, networking, and collaboration with stakeholders, government line agencies, civil societies, and I/NGOs to create a favorable environment to achieve the intended project’s goal.

The PC bears lead responsibility and accountability of effective community mobilization, organizational development, and institutionalization of synergy amongst core and non-core programs and its periodic reporting and documentation.

The PC is responsible for capacity building, day-to-day supervision, and monitoring of the work performance of Field Officers. Program management, coordination, linkage, and reporting. S/he will manage his/her 70% of the time for coordination, linkage, and reporting at the program level and another 30% time will be used for field-based implementation, support visits, etc.

Key Responsibility:

  • Lead for annual program planning and budgeting document it in donor’s or funding agency’s template and format.
  • Develop a progress report in the funding agency’s reporting template and submit it to the funding agency
  • Lead to coordinate and link with local/district governments and stakeholders
  • Capacity building of Field Officer on Project Objective, project guidelines and Quality Benchmarks
  • Support Field Officer to develop ward-wise annual plan and set targets
  • Communicate
  • Guide/support Field Officers for quality program implementation collaborating and coordinating with stakeholders, Govt. line agencies, and I/NGOs.
  • Assist the team to ensure effective community mobilization and maintain better synergy on the PAHUNCH project.
  • Encourage and assist Field Officers in exploring and identifying the best practices as well as new approaches to program delivery that can contribute to program scaling up and extension.
  • Ensure the quality of program implementation by organizing support visits and joint monitoring on a regular basis.
  • Assist the staff members to prepare the work plan of a program to be implemented for timely accomplishment and to achieve the desired targets.
  • Ensure the mobilization of available resources to the extent of benefiting sponsored and other children of the impact area and the community as a whole.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings to resolve the programmatic and administrative issues.
  • Represent the organization at the different platform as per need

Required Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health/ Social work/Development Studies/Law/Management/Social Science/International Relationship with 5 years of working experience in managing multiple projects with a diverse team, (or)
  • Master’s degree in Public Health/ Social work/Development Studies/Law/Management/Social Science/International relationships with 2 years of working experience in managing multiple projects with a diverse team.
  • Strong written and spoken English and Nepali language skills.
  • Computing skills with experience in Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, and databases fluently.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills and experience in liaising with a range of partners, stakeholders, and vendors
  • Analyze and troubleshoot program challenges and can able to work in pressure.
  • Enthusiasm and ability to work as part of a team, while being able to work independently
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and work well under pressure
  • Willingness to assume a range of unanticipated tasks and work flexible hours, including some weekends if required
  • If required willingness to travel
  • Having a valid driving license along with a personal bike/scooter.
  • Able to coordinate with local and district level government structures for effective implementation of planned activities.
  • Can adjust in the team and play the role of supportive.
  • Willing to work with marginalized and deprived community

Ability to work under pressure and within the tight timeframe

Interested candidates aged 18+ are encouraged to apply with their current CV and application letter to the email address [email protected]  clearly mentioning the position applying in the subject line addressing The Human Resource Department, Rural Women Upliftment Association (RWUA), Sarlahi or submit the hard copy to Rural Women Upliftment Association (RWUA), Haripur Municipality-2, Sarlahi within 11 August 2022 by 5:00 PM.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the further selection process. No telephone inquiries will be entertained, and any inappropriate recommendation might automatically disqualify the candidate from further processing. RWUA respects child rights and strictly follows the child safeguarding policy of the organization. RWUA is an equal opportunities employer and strictly follows merit-based selection. Qualified female candidates or those from disadvantaged communities and local people with best-fit qualifications and competencies are strongly encouraged to apply.

RWUA reserves the right to qualify/disqualify applications in any case.